In my class taught at Whatcom Community College, The Evolution of a Book: Idea to Fruition, I weave the web and pull the strands together so that a writer, becomes an author, and master of his/her fate, knowing where to tug, pull, and change direction.  Learning what the philosophy, subsets and the evolution of a book have in common.

woman sitting in chair teaching class on writing a book from idea to fruition

Do you know where are going?

This is where you decide if you want to be a private writer or a public author. Knowing how much you want to expose yourself dictates your path.

Do you have a focus?

Some writers stick with memoir or non-fiction, others venture into the fiction.  Each genre has its’ criteria to meet standards and audiences. This is where authenticity matters.

Do you have something to say?

When you go public, you make a commitment to your readers.  It a promise you must be ready to fulfill.

Who do you want to listen?

Readership is everything, a strand in the web that dictates your focus, your cover design, your interior, and marketing.

Why do you care about meta-data, genre, key words, and backstory?

Behind your main story, there are facts that lie beneath the surface.  Similarly, for your book to reach a large audience, the backstory becomes the specifics that differentiate your title from other titles. It allows readers to find you.

Do you have a quality product?

Knowing the standards for a book’s interior and exterior makes sure that your title stands out in a positive way and is considered equal or better than a book published by the Big Five Publishers.  The Independent Book Publisher Association is the best place to find this information.

Where does a book go after it’s done?

You never want a stash of books to sit in your closet.  The difference between a publisher’s intent to reach an audience, wholesalers, distributors, and internet sales, brings you full circle back to your philosophy, the economics, and your goals.

Remember that writers become authors when they consider their work of their talents, goals and economics.  Add to this mix, patience with a sprinkling of humor. No path is the wrong path, but you may wind up somewhere you didn’t want to go and find your pocket book empty.

For a shortened version of this class, the Skagit Valley Writer’s League is hosting Abbe Rolnick at the Burlington Library on March 28th at 6:30-8:30 PM.

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