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All photos on this site and in all of Abbe’s Notes are copyright by her husband: Jim Wiggins.

As a writer, I write to an audience who believes I have something to say. This is Jim Wiggins, my muse. I write and he listens to my morning thoughts.  His gift to me, is that he receives these thoughts and believes they have significance. Some are profound, others silly, mundane, or inspiring.  A voice needs an ear.  Jim provides visuals to my thoughts as he travels our world documenting life.

Here is a short bio on Jim, the photographer, my husband, the listener.  All photos on the website and blog posts are Jim’s.

Jim Wiggins, MS, has worked as a biological consultant for the past 30 years. As he approaches retirement, he has shifted away from being the president and senior biologist for the company he formed in 1988, Aqua Terr Systems Incorporated. A lifetime photographer, Jim began with his Kodak Brownie and over the years, his collection has grown. Check out to view samples of his travel and nature photos. Ever evolving, acts as a platform for both Jim and Abbe to provide, among other things, a place for intellectual, artistic, and political gatherings at their home, “Hawk House”.

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