Inspiration comes in fits and spurts, laced with time, warmed with the heart. Each of my offerings began with a whisper, a pause to see, hear, and reflect.


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When One is More

When One is More

Smaller than an orange
Softer skin
And within
The Satsuma
Seedless sections
Delight with
A tart sweetness
A contraction

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I crave spring
To hear the birds
Welcome the day
Their chirps
Mingle in a melodic choir
Even the wings of the hummingbird
Whispers a song
Of encouragement

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I pick up the pieces
that fell from dreams
reassembling fragments
Fragile foundations
Give way
Fault lines widen
As tears seep into
Crevices of my heart

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Never Downsize Your Heart

Never Downsize Your Heart

For within
Comes you power
Let it beat strongly
Force the blood to rush
Through you body
Feed the brain
Open wide
For within
Compassion is housed
A muscle without use
Will shrivel.

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My eyes betray me
Even as my lips
Curl in a smile
A drop along my
For losses minor compared to
Another slides
Along the edge
No buckets to catch
The indescribable
I make you laugh
the clown in me
sees the irony.

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Poetry of Personhood

Poetry of Personhood

Unable to tame
The whims of an individual
Who grows with each setting sun
Calmed by the lull of the waves
The howl of the wind
The patter of rain.

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About Abbe

Abbe Rolnick grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. Her first major cultural jolt occurred at age 15 when her family moved to Miami Beach, Florida. To find perspective, she climbed the only non-palm tree at her condo complex and wrote what she observed. History came alive with her exposure to Cuban culture. After attending Boston University, she lived in Puerto Rico, where she owned a bookstore. Once Stateside, she capitalized on the knowledge she gained as an independent bookstore owner and worked for one of the finest bookstores, Village Books, in Bellingham, Washington. Once a CEO of a manufacturing firm and owner of a healthy foods café, she is now retired and spends her time writing.


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