Layers  within the Years
Bundled in my snowsuit,
I lumbered outside in the cold drifts,
To slide down the neighbor’s hill.
I couldn’t feel my hands or toes,
Or move my legs.
My eyelashes froze. My tears iced over my face.
I questioned, where was I in this?
Ladened with books I walked the campus
Studious and bewildered.
Dressed in a wool blazer, blue beret, and matching pants.
I peered above the stack, lost in contemplation.
My eyes moist with anticipation
My arms trembled with the weight.
I questioned, where was I in this?
Hidden behind spectacles, I carried my one travel bag.
Dressed in a warm fleece sweater, loose fitting pants,
Over compression socks.
I boarded the plane to unknown places.
Suspended in time and space,
I watched the mountains disappear,
The waters sparkle as the sun rose.
My eyes crusted with sandman dust, my neck stiff with sleep rust.
I woke to a different culture.
I answered, this is where I am.

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