Hunger and Awareness
I pluck a blueberry from the branches,
Searching for the round plump fullness and rich blue color.
I’m ripe for the ritual. 
Aware that the bees have already left and the birds hover.
Each of us is searching for sustenance.
The sun hides behind tall trees.
Shade falls upon the blueberry bush.
Starved these berries lack luster.
I caress the tiny blue dots of growth,
Clip the leaves from towering trees, 
Coaxing the sun to emerge.
I too lose my luster,
Till the stars realign and I rest beneath their cover.
 I’m ripe for cosmic questions.
Aware that millenniums have gone before me.
A mission inspired by alien lives,
And tales yet told.
I field their stories; let their words unfold.
Hungry, we exist to share. 

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