Generations of Secrets Series Set

Three separate novels where, “You’ll delve into political intrigue, betrayal, self-reflection, find inner strength, and what true friendship and trust can achieve (Kim Kat, verified reader), held together by one character who floats between the novels, Rosie. Rosie, an American professor and healer, takes you from the island of Puerto Rico into the small towns of the Pacific Northwest, where her astute insights guide characters to their better selves. In River of Angels, a prostitute beaten on a Caribbean island, lights a fuse that will blow apart the old, corrupt social order. In Color of lies, the Skagit River Valley—gateway to the pristine Pacific Northwest wilderness—vegetation, birds, and people ae inexplicably dying. Founding Stones, part coming of age, part political intrigue, questions what it means to be a citizen of the world. Kirkus Review read the entire series: 1. River of Angels, “an absorbing drama with extraordinary character.” 2. Color of Lies, “a well-researched novel that highlights community. 3. Founding Stones, “the author’s pithy writing helps retain a discernable tension.”
  • Price: $10.99
  • Publisher: Sedro Publishing

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