Bubbie’s Magical Hair

Bubbie, like many grandmothers, turns the ordinary into the spectacular and the mundane into something miraculous. In Bubbie’s Magical Hair, the lyrical text combines with playful illustrations to take readers on a whimsical journey as Bubbie and her grandchildren grow older, reminding us of all the ways grandparents bring us joy, comfort, and inspiration.

Through her adventures, Bubbie exemplifies the key values of—education, family, tolerance, justice, charity, and kindness to others.

Brown Curls turned to gray waves… Bubbie winds her hair through the tales she has lived.           

Nature and imagination combine to honor the power of all grandparents and their enduring relationships.  A visual delight that can be read on many levels, exploring feelings, science, international customs, and imagination.  Ribbons, stars, and dandelion dust spread magic.

This is a universal story of passing on the essence of loved ones, as life continues.  

Look for her in the mirror, in the pocket of your coat, and when you look both ways crossing the street.

  • Price: $17.99
  • ISBN: 978-0999529195
  • Published: October 19, 2021

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The Little Peeps Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in Early Readers. The Little Peeps Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (The CIBAs).


5-Star Review By Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers’ Favorite

Bubbie’s Magical Hair by Abbe Rolnick is a delightful children’s picture book about the adventures and travels that Bubbie goes on with her long graying hair, trailing and whirling around herself and the other people and creatures that surround her. The narrative style is poetic and insightful and needs no rhyme scheme to guide it. The illustrations by Lynda Porter create a sensation of warmth with smiling faces and twinkling eyes. A color palette that is on a softer pastel side graces each of the pages, where the colors are beautifully muted in some areas and brighter in others to create an impactful scene, to draw the reader’s eye. The narration and illustrations work together fabulously to create a wonderful cohesion of both the world of words and the world of art.

Bubbie’s Magical Hair by Abbe Rolnick and artist Lynda Porter caught me off guard by the profound sweetness that they were able to generate in this children’s picture book. As someone with very long hair, who recently had a bit of a cut, I could relate even more to Bubbie when her locks got shortened. There was a sadness at first, watching the pieces of hair fall to the wayside, in that they had traveled so far with her, but also the happiness of new growth that would come. Bubbie’s Magical Hair by Abbe Rolnick and artist Lynda Porter is a children’s picture book that will touch every heart that reads it, old and young.

Grandmothers can be profoundly inspirational and life-affirming.

Bubbie sweeps into view on a magic carpet loaded with toys and with her long, black locks flowing behind her. Lovely, lilting, descriptive language and intricate, glowing illustrations are completely interwoven as readers discover Bubbie’s many wonderful attributes. She twirls, laughs, tickles, and tells tales of her life. As Bubbie’s hair changes from dark to gray to silver “through the seasons of time,” her engagements with her growing grandchildren also change. They cook and garden together, hike on mountain trails, meet reindeer in an Arctic setting, and paddle a canoe on a rushing river. The young ones gradually establish themselves in the worlds of art and science, and they form new families. When Bubbie cuts her hair, it leads to new magic, for she is always there in spirit and in the hearts of those who love her…  Beautifully hued illustrations flow with her hair, scratchy lines describing breezes, bubbles, and stars throughout. Readers will note a great many delightful details and quickly recognize the plethora of differently named grandmothers seen all around the world.

A book to read over and over with Bubbie, Abuela, Halmoni, or whatever her special name is. (Picture book. 5-8)  
~Kirkus Review 2021

As a grandmother of young children and an author of books of creativity for young children, I feel particularly drawn to this beautiful and emotionally deep story of Bubbie’s Magical Hair. The emotional connection is strong and deeply important for anyone who has ever loved.
~MaryAnn F. Kohl, Author/ Educator, Bright Ring Publishing

Bubbie’s Magical Hair is exactly that – magic. The story affectionately invites you to a world where your memories and emotions intertwine with the graceful characters. Mesmerizing words and illustrations surprise with twists and twirls as you are happily carried off by your imagination on the locks of Bubbie’s hair. 
~Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Glass Sculptor/Artist

Bubbie’s Magical Hair is a delightful, well-written book about relationships intertwined with adventure and love through the seasons of life. Each colorful page had me reminiscing of my own grandmother, while my own children enjoyed experiencing the illustrated moments through a child’s eyes. Rolnick has written an endearing book for any age no matter what your grandmother’s title.
~Sally Dunn, Graphic Designer and Photographer


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