Welcome to my newsletter, Abbe’s Ruminations. I mull, contemplate, ponder – old and new experiences, finding what I call the joy and laughter of repetition or the abandonment to not knowing.

I have babies on my mind and in my heart.  Yes, the first of my two expectant children, has given birth.  Humble pride swells my entire being and releases tears. Beginnings continue what  generations before left behind. Foundations, paths, and traditions welcome the new energy of the sleepy blob that curls fingers into fists eager to hold hands, legs that kick and retreat into a burrowed nest.  This bundle of joy will soon open its eyes, become aware and find footing

Newborns like swimmers leave the inner world of mother’s plentiful womb, a fish out of water learning to survive.   I used to believe I was a mermaid, preferring to be weightless gliding through the ocean rather than fumbling  on land. Less crowded, I sought my own a path through the multitude of choices.

I realize looking back that the world keeps changing and the paths, bend, curve, and intersect. This new life, filled with wonder and innocence brings with it a combination of unique histories, genes, and abilities. It too will forge forward in a world that will change repeatedly.

Awed, my own life greets this individual with hope.  No expectations of how, why, or what he will become.  His innocence and collected wisdom will find traction on the ground, in the seas, and above in the skies.  

I smile knowing that as an avid swimmer, who lives on land, my role is to understand and be a lifeguard willing to catch him and let him find his way.

The joy of newness mixes so easily with old traditions. Even the birth of our nation is another celebration.  A Fourth of July  parade  in  Angle Lake, sponsored by the locals and SeaTac showcases the fun and sincerity of independence and loyalty.  Made more special in a small town, grandkids and cousins, and neighborhood children delight families lined along the side streets.  No fuss or fanfare, only innocence, hope, and  pure fun.

A burst of lights over the lake spreads wonder.  I hold my ears, worry about the environment, and still feel awe in the offering.  

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