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Jim Wiggins- Photographer & Husband

As a writer, I write to an audience who believes I have something to say. This is Jim Wiggins, my muse. I write and he listens to my morning thoughts.  His gift to me, is that he receives these thoughts and believes they have significance. Some are profound, others silly, mundane, or inspiring.  A voice needs an ear.  Jim provides visuals to my thoughts as he travels our world documenting life.

Here is a short bio on Jim, the photographer, my husband, the listener.  All photos on the website and blog posts are Jim’s.

Jim Wiggins, MS, PWS, is the president, senior biologist, and project manager for ATSI. He has a Master of Science (MS) degree in ecology with an emphasis on water quality of marine and fresh water systems from Western Washington University. Mr. Wiggins is a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) (#214) certified through the Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) Professional Certification Program (PCP). He has worked full time as a wetland professional in the Pacific Northwest since establishing ATSI in 1988.

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